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    T-shirts do no discrimination; they are for everyone. They are your 2 am best friends, go no-fancy companions, and your too-tired-to-dress comrade.
    The society is full of jeans and a t-shirt kind of people. This is the most versatile look that gets judged by no one. We at TeeClap, understand your love for t-shirts and your desire to get the most out of them. Thus, we are a team of fashion designers and tech savvies who are constantly working to serve you with not only t-shirts but an experience you have been striving for.

    What does TeeClap mean?

    Our name is inspired by history. This statement may have put you off, but believe us, the reference is very interesting. In older times, a ‘clap’ had a whole different meaning than today. Instead of using it as a gesture to appreciate (that we do today), the royal families used to order things with a clap. Bringing this historical culture into present and giving you that rich royal experience, TeeClap provides t-shirts just a clap away.

    Why TeeClap?

    Humans have moods. What you wear represents how you feel. How many times has it happened to you that you don’t have an outfit to match your mood for the day? If your facial expression says “many times”, we are the solution you have been hunting down for a long time. Our tagline, “wear your mood” explains it all. We have t-shirts graphically designed to match your particular mood. You can select from more than 25 different categories with more than 2,000 designs. You name a mood, we have a t-shirt for that mood. It is as simple as that. The cherry on the cake is we always retain the inventory of 10,000 products. Thus, we don’t ever go out of stock!

    The Trust factors

    You don’t build trust overnight. We understand that this is a gradual process. Additionally, it is obvious that you want to get a value of each penny you spend. We have been working offline in the manufacturing business for about 5 years. Now, we are launching an online brand to serve a wider audience. Maintaining the quality standard is our prime consideration. And we believe that our quality standards are one of the major factors that will force you to keep coming back to us and enjoy our services time and again.

    You can’t get enough of us

    These are not only words to say, you will feel it once you experience our services. We provide combed cotton t-shirts that will provide you maximum comfort and add to your style at the same time. Some of you may not know the difference between combed and uncombed cotton. Both of them may seem similar but they are different when factors like comfort and durability come in. Both of them have similar sources and processes. However, combed cotton has an extra step added during manufacturing in order to make it stronger, smoother, and softer than an uncombed cotton. This extra step ensures that the cotton does not have any impurities or short protruding threads. Thus, this one step makes it much better than the normal cotton.
    Thus, serving you with the best quality is our sole motive. Even the price war in the industry cannot restrict us from this motive. Our price does not compromise with our quality standards.
    Additionally, we keep on updating our products. About 100 new designs are added every month. Therefore, you get something new whenever you visit us. As said before, you can’t get enough of us.

    How do we pay back to the society?

    We are all products of nature. We are born, brought up, and nurtured in the society. Our existence is only because of the society. An individual can never grow apart from society. They can never be indifferent to it. Society is unavoidable as well as the most important for human existence.
    Everything we need to build this company has been taken from the society itself. If we take so much from it and our existence is because of it, it becomes our moral responsibility to give it back any way possible. Society can produce healthy individuals only when it itself is healthy.
    TeeClap moves one step forward to give back to the society in every way possible. We believe that the best can be done by serving education and medicine. Thus, a part of every purchase you make with us goes to charity companies serving in the education and medical sectors.

    What do we aspire to do?

    We work hard every day to make ourselves available to everyone. Starting with our sales online, we aspire to expand ourselves to offline stores as well. We wish to have our stores all across the country so that we become able to serve the maximum audience.

    Making of TeeClap

    The foundation of TeeClap was actually put back in 2015 when we saw a lot of people reaching out to us for custom t-shirts for some events or regular wear. This made us realize that graphic t-shirts have a huge demand in the market. Also, we identified a gap between quality apparel and excellent customer service. We understood that t-shirts are something that people are agreeable to wear anytime, no matter what the occasion is. The only problem that these people faced was that they did not have many choices to be able to wear on occasions that required a bit of dressing up.
    Thus, we team of different expertise in their domain came up with an idea of making t-shirts appropriate for every occasion. Also, we noticed that whatever people choose to wear, depends on how they are feeling for the particular day. Now, the tees had to be mood-centric. We aimed at making a t-shirt for every occasion. Therefore, we decided on making wide categories with an average of about 80 designs per category to make sure that the customers get what they want.
    Since we are already in the manufacturing business, there is no relying on a third-party. In-house machines produce materials that are delivered to the customers after a rigorous testing session.